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A memoir of how one woman transformed her past experiences of sexual exploitation into embodiment. Written in lyrical language the author describes the texture of her trauma, lethal battle with food, years of abuse reenactments and how she put her past to rest by altering the poison of her pain into potent peace.


In Canada one in three women and one in five men will experience sexual harassment or violence during their lives. 

I am one of the one in three women the statistics represent. Therefore I understand the isolation and pain that comes with experiencing sexual harassment and/or violence. 

My experiences of sexual harassment and violence permeated through my childhood and adolescent years. However it was an experience of date rape during my undergraduate degree that led me into the realm of sexual harassment and violence advocacy. After the incident, I reached out to a twenty-four crisis line to have my call sent to an answering machine. This 24/7 support line returned my call ten days later. Those ten days were unbelievably painful. It was during this time that I decided to dedicate my life to offering connection to those who have lived experience of either sexual harassment and/or violence. This dedication required reconnecting with my body, something sexual harassment and violence had robbed me of, but was necessary to reclaim if I wanted to be of support and service to others.

My path of reconnecting with my body led me to submit a photo to Project Unbreakable. Project Unbreakable is an online photography project that aims to "encourage the act of healing through art". A photo of myself holding the words of my date rapist was featured in a buzzfeed article that has now been viewed by over 2.5 million. This unsolicited attention thrust me into the realm of advocacy where I have continued to use my voice to advocate for others. 

I have published a book chronicling my journey of healing, spoke publicly across Canada, been internationally published, and continue to work as Registered Clinical Counsellor aiding womxn in their pursuit of reconnecting and reclaiming their body after sexual violence. All of my work is done with the intention of being the support I wish had been available in my life in addition to providing preventative measures for future generations. Our Bodies is the manifestation of years of personal and professional work. It is possible to reconnect and reclaim your body after sexual harassment and violence. The first step is honouring your story.